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GIS Basics & Concepts
This entry-level course offers the theoretical foundation and practical hands-on activities required to gain a solid understanding of the principles, benefits and uses of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
GIS Data Management Introduction
Know what to do with the GIS information in front of you. Learn to identify common types of GIS data, what GIS data requirements are and how to determine data conversion issues.
GIS Data Sources, Tasking, and Acquisition
In this course, sources of spatially-referenced and non-spatially-referenced data are examined in both Rasters, vector data models.
Spatial Database and System Design
This course provides the fundamentals of relational databases. It focuses on managing and working with geospatial data using the Structure Query Language (SQL).
GIS Data Modeling & Editing Techniques
This course provides students with the concepts and skills required to automate and maintain GIS feature data. It focuses on the automation of data workflow, editing processes, coordinate system reconciliation, the maintenance of topology, and the creation and maintenance of metadata.
GIS Applications Introduction
It will help students gain the basics of GIS used applications, know what it’s today development technologies, advantage & disadvantages.
GIS Project Management
This course will introduce the structured analysis and design methods throughout the GIS life cycle, It stresses common approaches for gathering requirements, modeling, analyzing and designing geographic information systems.
Remote Sensing Introduction for GIS
Advance your GIS capabilities by learning the basic principles and various techniques used in remote sensing. The emphasis of this introductory course is on digital satellite image processing. You’ll learn the fundamentals of remote sensing and gain hands-on experience through lecture, demonstration and class exercise.
GPS Surveying Introduction for GIS
Learn the basic principles and theories of GPS and build in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the challenges associated with using GPS for navigation and data acquisition. Field labs let you use the GPS with spend several hours outdoors during the field labs. 
Developed GIS Training for Career Paths Programs, (Designed for Market Positions), Using ESRI, Oracle, Microsoft, Trimble, AutoCAD, and ERDAS technologies.
  • GIS Editor
  • GIS Specialist
  • GIS QA/QC Specialist
  • GIS Cartographer
  • GIS Field Surveyor - GPS
  • Remote Sensing Specialist
  • GIS Analyst
  • GIS Database Administrator DBA
  • GIS Project Manager
  • GIS Desktop Applications Developer
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